COVID-19: Information for lawyers and service providers

Information and announcements for the legal profession from judiciary can be found on the Courts of New Zealand website(external link).

COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020

The Chief District Court Judge has issued a practice note setting out the process for appeals to a public health order issued under section 11 of the COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020.  The Practice Note containing the filing address and the Notice of Appeal Form are available here:

Practice Note - COVID-19 Public Health Response Act(external link)

Notice of Appeal Form [PDF, 164 KB] 

Health and safety in the courts

All courts and tribunals are open. All counters are now open.

The courts are safe for participants during COVID-19 Alert Level 1. Hygiene and cleaning standards will be maintained. More information is available in our factsheet:

Read the factsheet about the health and safety measures that are in place in the courts during COVID-19 Alert Level 1 [PDF, 155 KB].

Information for service providers

What does COVID-19 Alert Level 1 mean for the delivery of justice funded services?

Under COVID-19 Alert Level 1, we expect the delivery of services to resume as normal, with services to be delivered face-to-face. Where video conferencing or phone contact has proved effective, we are willing to allow the continuation of its use. However, we don't want this done at the expense of services that could be more effectively delivered face-to-face.

Legal Aid Services

Information on legal aid services response to COVID-19 can be found on What's new for legal aid lawyers.

Special sittings

Special sittings and admission ceremonies may have been affected. If you planned to attend any of these, please call 0800 COURTS (0800 268 787) to confirm what arrangements are being made.

The Christchurch admission ceremony scheduled for 22 May 2020 has been rescheduled to 3 July 2020. No other admission ceremony date is affected at this stage.

Information on all court sittings or any special arrangements that may be necessary will be updated on our website or the Courts of New Zealand website:

Courts of New Zealand(external link)