Customer satisfaction with our services remains high

A summary of the 2017 Court User Survey results show that customer satisfaction remains high, with 81% rating our staff highly on helpfulness, competence, treating customers fairly, and doing what they said they would.

'This year’s survey results are pleasing and show that we are continuing to provide great service to the public every day, with eight in ten court users satisfied or very satisfied with our services and facilities,’ says Chief Executive, Andrew Bridgman.

The survey also showed an unsurprising preference toward electronic mediums like email and text messages, and a decline since 2014 for more traditional channels like letters and telephone calls.

‘The results also show that the most important driver of satisfaction was feeling safe and that we are doing well in this area with 90% of respondents reporting that they felt safe,’ says Andrew.

One area identified our customers identified as important is having easily identifiable staff. Though 71% were satisfied that easily identifiable staff were available to deal with queries, a sizeable proportion were not. We are grateful for the insights the survey gives us, and we will work on improvement opportunities identified from the findings.

Read a summary of the 2017 Court User Survey results [PDF, 267 KB]

This is the fourth time the survey has been carried out (previous surveys were conducted in 2010, 2012, and 2014). The Survey is designed to measure user experience and satisfaction with frontline services and facilities provided by the Ministry at court sites.

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