High-quality restorative justice assured

A newly published guide reflects the high-quality service people taking part in restorative justice can expect from providers.

The Ministry’s ‘Restorative Justice Best Practice Framework’ sets out a common approach that aims to ensure safe, consistent and robust restorative justice practice in New Zealand.

Community Services Manager Hayley MacKenzie says the framework focuses on the use of restorative justice processes pre-sentence, because these are the services contracted by the Ministry of Justice. However, it can be broadly applied to the use of restorative justice at any point in the criminal justice system.

 ‘The framework sets out values, principles and standards designed to ensure restorative justice providers and facilitators deliver the best possible service for their customers,’ says Hayley.

‘It builds on the previous guide published in 2004 and reflects up-to-date policy and practice. It’s also supported by training and accreditation of facilitators.’

‘The framework was developed in close consultation with providers and Restorative Practices Aotearoa, and the Ministry is grateful for their input,’ says Hayley.

The framework is published on the Ministry of Justice website(external link).

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