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Criminal fixed fee review changes

New criminal fixed fees for schedules A-C and D-F, Police and Crown prosecution proceedings respectively are being introduced on 4 July.

All new grants of legal aid received by Legal Aid Services on or after 4 July 2016 will attract the new fee schedules. Existing grants under the 1 July 2013 fee schedules can move to the 4 July 2016 schedules if and when an amendment to grant is approved for any activity.

These are the first set of changes resulting from the November 2014 review of criminal fixed fees.

A short presentation has been prepared with practical advice on working with the first set of changes resulting from the criminal fixed fee review.

New PDF forms along with an updated installer package can also be downloaded:

Legal aid forms

Provider Services

Provider Services is currently consulting on proposed changes to the Contract for Services and to the Practice Standards for legal aid providers. We would like legal aid lawyers' views on proposals that are presented in the discussion document. Closing date is 25 July.

Have your say - current consultations

We also now have an induction guide for lawyers delivering legal aid services which can be downloaded:

Legal aid lawyers induction guide [PDF, 402 KB]

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