New book showcases stories from the frontline

Justice: our people, our communities a collection of 29 stories showcasing Ministry achievements was launched today. 

A small group of staff and partners from across the justice sector gathered in the Justice Centre this afternoon to see the Minister of Justice, Amy Adams, and Chief Executive, Andrew Bridgman, launch our latest publication.   

While the function may have taken place in Wellington there was no doubt who were the heroes of the day – it was all about people- our people in the ministry, the people they work with and the people they do the work for - our customers. 

Speaking at the launch today Andrew Bridgman said the book goes straight to the heart of our business and mission, the people. 

“These stories are about people-centred justice, and people are at the core of our mission for a reason – it’s their justice system and if they don’t believe that it works then it doesn’t work.” 

Andrew said the book served as an important reminder along our modernisation journey.  “The law is the law, and people are people and that is the space we operate in everyday, and that is the space where we get to do better.  When you deal with volumes like 200,000 cases across our courts and tribunals it’s important to be guided by the people behind the numbers as well as the numbers. 

The booklet showcases a range of initiatives, from responses to local issues as well as innovations happening right across the country, with stories from many parts of the business, including technology, and Louie the Labrador.  The common theme is achieving better outcomes for customers. 

“I want to acknowledge all the great work our people do every day.  These stories are the heart of our modernisation journey.  Take a moment and be proud of what we’ve achieved so far and look forward to what we can do next.”  

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