Welcome to our new website

We’ve updated our entire website to help make it easy for our customers to quickly and easily find the information they need.

All the content has been reviewed and revised and we’ve removed out of date content and language that people don’t easily understand.

Our previous website was well overdue for improvement. It was becoming hard to find material and it didn’t work well on phones and tablets.

We’ve updated the navigation so information is now easier to find, including an improved search function and we’ve made it easier for the new site to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets – so you can access it how you want and when you want.

It isn’t just www.justice.govt.nz that’s new. We’ve also upgraded:

The new look is just a starting point. We’re working on ensuring we continue to improve the content and functionality of our new site. If you have any feedback about our new site please use our feedback form.

You can also keep updated about the work we're doing by following the Ministry of Justice on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Ministry’s LinkedIn page(external link) focuses on providing information showing the range of work we do. It's also a great resource for job hunters – there is a special careers section that provides information on the different roles within the Ministry and lists current jobs and also profiles a few of our staff and the reasons why they work for us.

The Ministry has only just started using its Twitter site @justicenzgovt(external link). It focuses on providing updates on justice-related news and events.

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