What Budget 2017 means for justice

This year’s Budget included a $238.2 million investment over four years for the Ministry of Justice to continue to deliver of modern, people-centred justice and court services. 

Chief Executive Andrew Bridgman says the Ministry will receive $145.8 million over four years to provide core justice and court services.

“As part of that, District Court personnel and operating expenses have been allocated $47.6 million over four years,” says Andrew. “This will fund an extra 100 court staff next year rising to a total of 130 by 2020/21.”

“The additional funding is largely in recognition of the recent increase, and projected increase, in demand from Category 3 court cases, which are more complex for us to deal with.” 

Other justice services to receive funding are:

  • $32.9 million over four years for burglary prevention and reduction services delivered alongside the Department of Corrections
  • $22.4 million over two years to extend the Integrated Safety Response Pilot, a key part of the sector’s work to address family violence
  • $13.9 million over four years to reduce reoffending, particularly amongst young offenders in collaboration with Police
  • $11.9 million over two years to provide an extra 100 court security staff
  • $3.6 million over four years to help with the implementation and operation of Phase 2 of the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism reforms
  • $7.6 million for the Electoral Commission to carry out the 2018 Maori Electoral Option. 

The Office of Treaty Settlements received $12.2 million over two years to resource its work to broaden the geographic and population reach of Treaty settlement negotiations. It also received $2.8 million for the 2017/18 year to enable the Crown to participate in the resolution of disputes concerning the relativity mechanism contained in the Waikato-Tainui and Ngai Tahu Historical Treaty Settlements.

Justice sector agencies as a whole will receive $2 billion over four years as part of the Government’s law and order package.

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