Improving family violence programmes

People who commit family violence will be better supported to change their behaviour and break the cycle of offending, thanks to changes planned for later this year.  

The Ministry has recently worked with the Department of Corrections to streamline our contracts for providers of non-violence programmes. The changes will mean perpetrators of family violence will be more likely to complete programmes and less likely to re-offend.

New Zealand has one of the highest reported rates of family violence in the developed world. Reducing family and sexual violence is one our key initiatives and better aligning provider contracts are part of cross-sector work in this area.

The changes include enabling family violence programmes for low to medium risk perpetrators to be slightly shorter, which is expected to improve completion rates. Also, service specifications will be more flexible, so providers can tailor programmes to specific groups.

Alongside the Department of Corrections, we held roadshows for potential providers around the country in late 2017 to explain the changes to the family violence sector, answer their questions and encourage new providers – especially Māori providers – to tender.

‘Providers were very positive. They’re pleased to see us aligning with Corrections and welcome the upcoming changes to programmes and contracts,’ says Jo-Ann Vivian, Senior Advisor, Provider and Community Services, Operations and Service Delivery for the Ministry of Justice.

‘This move will provide increased flexibility and streamlined processes for both providers and clients,’ says Paul Shamy, Chief Executive, Stopping Violence Services (Christchurch) Incorporated.

In related work, the roadshow also introduced changes the Ministry has made to the free safety programmes available to adult and child victims of family violence.  The improvements will simplify contracts and reporting for providers, freeing up more time for the important work with our clients.

Providers are currently being invited to tender to deliver for these new improved safety and non-violence programmes, with new contracts commencing on 1 July 2018.

You can find more about our work to reduce family and sexual violence on our website

If you have experienced family violence or need help we've got some safety help and non-violence courses information.

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