Latest justice statistics released to 2020/2021

The Ministry of Justice has just published its most recent statistics on criminal charges and convictions from 2011/2012 to 2020/2021.

The tables are published every six months. Tier 1 statistics are essential to help the Government, business, and members of the public make informed decisions and opinions.

These statistics contain details on people going through the courts or accessing justice services. The statistics covered include:

  • General justice (such as the number of charges and people charged)
  • Children and young people in court (including Youth Court)
  • Specific offence types (such as homicide, sexual, family violence, driving under the influence, drugs, harmful digital communications)
  • Specific justice processes (such as discharged without conviction, unfit to stand trial, offending while on bail, name suppression and “three strikes” offences)
  • Family Court (including protection order applications and adoption)
  • Justice services (including collections, legal aid and family violence programmes).

You can view the latest statistics here:

Latest justice statistics


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