Te Kuiti Courthouse to temporarily close in February

The historic Te Kuiti Courthouse will be closed from 2 February to 26 February while structural repairs to the building are carried out.

The building, which was built in 1908, has damage to the left-hand corner of the building, which will require new support posts and timber framing. This was uncovered during planned maintenance.

To minimise disruption, the Ministry has moved scheduled hearings to the nearest District Court, Te Awamutu District Court, for the same date and time as the original hearing, and some other non-urgent matters have been deferred to March 2021. The Ministry is keeping stakeholders who use the court informed as work progresses.

The Te Kuiti District Court operates as a hearing centre and ordinarily hears cases that run for no longer than one day. There are no staff permanently located on site, and counter services are only available on certain sitting days.

For information on Te Awamutu District Court, see Te Awamutu District Court.

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