Historical homosexual convictions can now be wiped from criminal records

A new scheme where people can ask for historic homosexual convictions to be wiped launched yesterday.

The Criminal Records (Expungement of Convictions for Historical Homosexual Offences) Act 2018 came into force on 10 April 2018. It sets up a scheme to expunge (wipe) convictions for men for specific offences. To be wiped, the conduct must not be an offence under today’s laws.

While consensual sex between men aged 16 and over has been legal in New Zealand since 1986, men with historical homosexual convictions can face ongoing stigma and prejudice.

The new scheme means that men who were convicted of specific offences that have since been decriminalised can apply to be treated as if they had never been convicted..

Application forms and further information on the scheme are available here.

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