Jury service forms

There are enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures in our courts to keep our people and participants safe. 

For a copy of the Factsheet for Health and Safety measures during COVID-19 Alert Level 1, go to our COVID-19 Information page.

We recognise that COVID-19 may have impacted your work or financial situation, meaning it will be difficult for you to serve on a jury at the moment. If so, and you would like to delay jury service for now, please raise this in your response. Note that, if your application is accepted, you will likely be summonsed at a later date.

If you're unwell, please don't attend court. Please call 0800 COURTS (0800 268 787) for further instruction.

On this page:

Jury summons response form

You need to respond to your jury summons.

If you are coming to jury service or you're applying to put off or be excused from jury service, you can fill in the paper form you were sent with your jury summons letter or you can fill in an electronic copy of the form.

Fill in the online form

You can now accept your summons online:

I will attend jury service form

Fill in the paper form

  1. Fill in the paper form you were sent with your jury summons letter.
    Get help to fill in the form 
  2. Put the form in the envelope you were sent with your jury summons letter and post it back. If it has a DX address, you can put it in a DX box or a NZ Post box. Find out more about DX boxes(external link)
    You can also scan and email your form. The email address will be on the form.

Fill in an electronic form

  1. Fill in 1 of these forms:
    Response to jury summons [PDF, 1.3 MB]
    Fill in this form if you haven’t put off (deferred) your jury service in the last year.
    Response to jury summons – previously deferred [PDF, 252 KB]
    Fill in this form if you have put off (deferred) your jury service in the last year.
  2. Get help to fill in the form 
  3. Email the form to the email address on the form.

Expenses claim form

Ask the court to pay your expenses.

  1. Fill in the form:
    Juror declaration and weekly claim form [PDF, 136 KB]
  2. Provide proof, such as:
    1. if you used your own vehicle, mileage for your vehicle use (number of kilometres travelled and information about where you travelled from), at a rate of 38 cents per kilometre
    2. receipts for parking
    3. invoice or GST receipt from a professional or commercial childcare service
    4. a note that says who took care of your children and how much you paid if you used non-professional childcare.
  3. If you weren’t selected to sit on a jury, give your form and proof to the deputy registrar at the court. If you served on a jury, court staff will collect your form at the end of the trial.

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