Need to know when you’ll receive your record?

Use the online date calculator.

To check your criminal record (criminal conviction history) you must fill in and send us this form:

Request your own criminal conviction history form [PDF, 254 KB]

You also must send us a copy of your valid identification (ID).

You can’t ask for your record over the phone or without the form.

How to fill in this form

Read our tips to avoid delays

You can either:

  • fill in the form electronically (type in the details) then print it and sign it or
  • print out the form then fill it in by hand, using blue or black pen, and sign it.

In both cases you must sign the printed copy.

Providing a copy of your ID

We use the copy of your ID to check that the right person has filled in the form. Your ID must:

  • be a clear and readable copy
  • exactly match the details in your form – write your name on the form exactly as it is on your ID
  • not be defaced.

You must use one of the following:

  • your New Zealand driver licence. This can be current or expired within the last 2 years, but must not be cancelled or a temporary licence.
  • your New Zealand passport. This must be signed and can be current or expired within the last 2 years, but must not be cancelled.
  • your overseas passport. This must be signed and current.
  • your New Zealand firearms licence. This must be current.

If you don't have any of these, you'll need to ask someone to confirm your identity. They do this by filling in step 5 on the form.

Sending your form and copy of your ID

Mail your form and ID

You can mail your form and ID to:

Postal address:
Criminal Records Unit
Ministry of Justice

Write the address as written above and send it the same way as any other mail. You can use an NZ Post mail box. If you use a DX mail box your mail will get to us faster(external link)

Email your form and ID

You can scan your form and ID and email them to us. You can send it as a: pdf, jpg, tif, png, doc or docx file.

Put only your first name and last name in the email subject line.


Cost of your record

It’s free.

When you’ll receive your record

We aim to send you your record within 20 working days. This is from the date we get your form. It doesn’t include mail delivery time.

Please wait until 20 working days after we have received your request to call us if you haven’t received your record.

If you asked us to return your record by post, you should include mail delivery time.

Use this calculator to work out when you can expect your record

This calculates the maximum time limit within which a response must be sent.

Tips to avoid delays

  • write clearly - if we can’t read your form we can’t process it
  • sign the form - in the signature box with the red X
  • follow all the instructions in the guide sections of the form
  • check it’s correct before you send it
  • send it within 6 months.

If your form is dated 6 months ago or earlier we won’t process it. You will need to fill in a new form. This is also the case if you change the date after you first fill in the form.

Asking for your full record

If you’re eligible for a clean slate, your record will automatically be concealed under the Clean Slate scheme. However, sometimes you need to give your full record, including convictions that have been concealed. For example, you might need a full record when you are:

  • applying for some jobs (such as police, prison or probation roles)
  • involved in court cases or tribunal hearings
  • travelling to certain countries – check with the embassy or consulate of the country you want to travel to.

In most cases it is against the law for anyone to ask or make you reveal your full record.

Find out more about the Clean Slate scheme and concealing convictions

If you need your full record, tick the box in step 3 of the form – ‘Full record of convictions’.

Getting an authenticated or Apostille-certified record

Some countries may ask for your record to be authenticated or Apostille-certified (confirmed as genuine). In this case you should send the record you get from us to the Department of Internal Affairs Apostille service.

Department of Internal Affairs Apostille service website(external link)

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