How to apply

It costs $50 to make an application to the tribunal.

If your application proceeds to a hearing, you’ll also need to pay a $900 District Courts scheduling and hearing fee (external link)

What you must do before you apply to the tribunal

To lodge an objection to a valuation with the tribunal, you must first complain to your district council or Quotable Value.

What you need to send us

Fill in this form and send it to us, along with a copy of the council’s or Quotable Value’s decision about your complaint.

Objection to valuation [PDF, 510 KB]

Send your application to the tribunal nearest you

Paying filing fee electronically

You can pay the filing fee:

  • electronically through internet bill payment services

You should:

  • pay the money into Westpac bank account 03-0049-0001063-00
  • tell the appropriate Land Valuation Tribunal that you have made a payment
  • include adequate identifying information with your payment (LVT location, valuation number or site address)

As long as the information included with the payment is the same information supplied to staff at the appropriate court, there should be no difficulty in verifying the receipt of fees.

You must lodge your objection with the tribunal within 20 working days of being notified of the reviewed decision by your district council or Quotable Value. 

Find out more about deadlines, how to apply and what to expect [PDF, 157 KB]

Claiming for public works

If you want to file a claim for compensation pursuant to the Public Works Act, you should seek legal advice due to the complexity of the claims.

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