Social Security Appeals Authority COVID-19 protocol at 7 September 2021

1. If COVID-19 restrictions are at Alert Level 3 or Level 4 anywhere in New Zealand, in person hearings in that area will proceed using telephone or computer links. When this is not suitable, the Authority will reschedule the hearing to a future date.

2. If COVID-19 restrictions are at Alert Level 2 anywhere in New Zealand, in-person hearings in that area will continue or resume. The arrangements for the hearing will comply with the directions set out by the Chief Justice on 6 September 2021. In specific cases, travel restrictions may make it necessary to consider using telephone or computer links for some, or all, aspects of the hearing. The Authority will make decisions on a case by case basis.

3. Parties affected by any change in the Authority’s usual operating procedures will be notified and provided with information to ensure that they understand how their case will be handled by the Tribunal.

4. This protocol applies until revoked or modified by the Authority.

Social Security Appeals Authority
G D Pearson
Please note: At COVID-19 Alert Level 1, all Social Security Appeals Authority Hearings will be held in person as usual. Where appropriate, telephone or computer links may be an option for a party or witness to attend a hearing.

You can appeal to the Social Security Appeal Authority to review a decision made by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) about your benefit.

The Authority hears appeals about decisions made by the:

  • Ministry of Social Development and confirmed or varied by a Benefits Review Committee
  • Secretary for War Pensions in respect of veterans' pensions and related matters.

Before you send your appeal to the Authority, your case must have been heard by the Ministry of Social Development's Benefits Review Committee.

Ministry of Social Development website(external link)

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