Tribunal orders

You can search for Tenancy Tribunal orders online. These orders show the decisions made at Tenancy Tribunal hearings.

You can search by:

  • keyword(s)
  • application number
  • decision date
  • name of the landlord, tenant, body corporate, person, trust or company used at the hearing
  • address of the property
  • damages and compensation

Search Tenancy Tribunal orders(external link)

Orders you can't search for

You can’t search for:

  • orders that are more than 3 years old (for older orders, contact the court where the hearing was held)
  • mediators’ orders (orders showing how the landlord and tenant settled their dispute in mediation). For mediators’ orders, contact Tenancy Services(external link)

Paper copies

You can get paper copies of Tenancy Tribunal orders from the District Court where the dispute was heard.

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